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Experts in Handcrafted Glasses

Trusted Provider of Custom Designed Products

Our handcrafted glasses at Etch and Sketch Glass Worx offer unique and intricate designs. Our artists manufacture each glass piece the traditional way, carved with high pressure sand, by hand.

Our Story

Our family-owned-and-operated business has been around for over 16 years with three generations working at the company. Time has passed, but the quality of our output continues to improve. The people behind our well-loved glass products are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

Our Products

Artistic Sandblasted Glassware | Birthday Gifts | Bridal Party Gifts | Custom Glassware | Etched Glassware

Glasses for Breweries or Restaurants | Memorial Pieces | Mirrors

Promotional Gifts With Logos | Unique Photo Frames | Wedding Gifts | Windows

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